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Who are The X Elles?

Rachelle Croft, Montana native, wife, mom, best friend, sexual abuse survivor, driver, coffee drinker, and rule breaker. Rachelle and her husband Clay, also work together filming and producing the adventure travel show, Expedition Overland. She has always been a ‘truck girl’ and has had a love and yearning for adventure from a young age. Growing up in Montana, snowy roads and mountain passes were a part of ‘normal’ life for her. After driving in Morocco for the first time in 2012, she was hooked on all things desert, driving, and racing. Through her love of adventure and racing, she hopes to inspire and motivate women around the globe to share their voice while building an awareness for sexual abuse.

Rhonda is an 11 year resident of Montana that appreciates every minute of the adventurous life she has gotten to spend there. She and her husband Scott homeschool their three kids and also work together filming an adventure travel show called Expedition Overland. Rhonda has pursued many different types of adventure in her life from skiing, hiking, competitive soccer, 4-wheeling, and camping, but she never expected to step into the world of off-road racing. This was a whole new world of challenge, growth, education and competition. Rhonda was asked by her teammate, Rachelle, to be her navigator in 2013. Their friendship was forged a couple of years prior on the risk they took in sharing their own journeys of surviving sexual abuse. It was that common thread that became the foundation of their racing campaign to speak out against sexual abuse in hopes of giving women the voice they didn't have yet. Rhonda hopes that her own message of 'surviving to thriving' encompasses the empowering of women no matter what struggle they have had to overcome. So now, three years and many miles later, the message of #youareloved has been birthed and rightfully has a place of speaking out on the foundation of off-road racing. 

Julie Meddows / Navigator / 2012-2013
Claire Barone / Navigator / 2013
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